Detector R&D Workshop

Workshop on Detector R&D

Marcel Demarteau and Chip Brock

Last spring we announced a unique workshop, jointly sponsored by the five DOE labs and the DPF focused on detector R&D in the U.S. This reminder is to bring you up to date and to bring to your attention a solicitation of posters for an extended poster session during the workshop.

Here are the particulars:

The goals of this workshop are:

  • To survey the detector research and development currently being carried out at national laboratories and universities

  • To identify the areas of detector R&D that hold greatest promise

  • To identify current challenges and future needs of all stakeholders and discuss the future of detector R&D in the U.S.

When:     AM, Thursday, October 7, 2010 – Noon, Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where:   Fermilab


Registration is open and posters can be submitted by adding an abstract to the Indico conference form. The scientific agenda is just about complete and is also included.

Workshop Sponsorship:

The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Brookhaven National Lab, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Division of Particles and Fields of the APS.

Organizing committee:

From the DPF:

Chip Brock, Michigan State University, Co-chair

James Brau, University of Oregon

Andy White, University of Texas at Arlington

Sarah Eno, University of Maryland

Kara Hoffman, University of Maryland

Kevin McFarland, University of Rochester

From the National Labs:

Marcel Demarteau, Fermilab, Co-Chair

Laurence Littenberg, Brookhaven

David MacFarlane, SLAC

Erik Ramberg, Fermilab

Jim Siegrist, LBNL

Harry Weerts, Argonne