Status of the DPF Task Force on Instrumentation in High Energy Physics

By Ian Shipsey and Marcel Demarteau

The DPF Taskforce on Instrumentation has spent the last few months evaluating the current status of instrumentation in particle physics. The fifteen member Taskforce and its advisors have formulated five position papers available at

The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the contents of the paper to the chairs of the Taskforce, Marcel Demarteau (ANL) and Ian Shipsey (Purdue) before October 5.

The Taskforce self-organized into five subgroups to produce the position papers. The first group addressed the role of a detector R&D Coordinating Panel (DRDCP) and Targeted Resources for the Community at the National Labs, with Murdoch Gilchriese (LBNL) and David MacFarlane (SLAC) as co-chairs. They have carefully reviewed the need, merit and process for evaluating and promoting the  national instrumentation R&D program through a standing body. Because laboratory resources are intricately linked to the development of new instrumentation this issue was also addressed by the subgroup. The second group, co-chaired by Ariella Cattai (CERN) and Adam Para (FNAL), dealt with the important issue of instrumentation schools and education. A third group, chaired by Harry Weerts (ANL), addressed the importance of developing strategic links to other science disciplines. Bruce Schumm (UCSC) chaired the group on National Fellowships for post docs and graduate students in Instrumentation and Bill Molzon (UCI) chaired a group which evaluated if an APS Instrumentation Prize for HEP should be instituted. The position papers were presented at a Town Hall session during the DPF Brown meeting. The final report is scheduled to be released mid-October.