Feedback requested on DPF Instrumentation Task Force Report

The DPF Instrumentation Task Force requests immediate community feedback  by November 11 on their draft report.  Please send your comments to and feel free to post below in the comments section below.

The primary recommendation of the Task Force Report is the creation of a Detector R&D Coordinating Panel (DRDCP). The primary role of the panel would be to promote, coordinate and assist in generic detector R&D nationally on behalf of the community. It has been pointed out by many that DRDCP is difficult to pronounce. Some have dubbed it the “acronym panel”. To rectify the situation the Task Force is conducting a panel naming competition. Please send suggestions to by November 11 2011. The best suggestion, as judged by the Task Force, will receive a prize of $100.

In addition, the DPF is soliciting nominations for membership of the DRDCP.  Please send nominations to Patty McBride, mcbride(at) .