Fermilab’s “A Plan for Discovery”

By Young-Kee Kim, Deputy Director, Fermilab

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to inform you of a new document that describes Fermilab’s scientific strategy for the next two decades. The strategy outlined in A Plan for Discovery keeps the laboratory and the United States at the forefront of particle physics research.  It builds on the record of excellence in scientific research and technological innovation that Fermilab employees and users from across the country and around the world have established over the course of four decades.  It makes the best possible use of the laboratory’s existing world-class accelerators and experiments, computing capabilities and technical infrastructure.  The strategy is also pragmatic and flexible enough to meet the challenges posed by new discoveries and changing global economic realities.

A Plan for Discovery evolved from the 2007 report of the Fermilab Steering Group. The Steering Group obtained input from a broad spectrum of the U.S. particle and accelerator physics communities in the preparation of its report, which provided input to Fermilab, the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel, the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel and the funding agencies as they considered options for new particle accelerators and experiments in the United States. A number of key events have occurred in particle physics over the last four years, including the successful startup of the Large Hadron Collider, the extension of the timeline for the International Linear Collider, and the end of Tevatron operations.  These events have guided Fermilab as it implemented the recommendations of the Steering Group and the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel and have led to the development of “A Plan for Discovery.”

The document can be downloaded here and printed copies can be ordered online.

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