DPF Committee on DOE Comparative Reviews

Dear Colleagues,

As most of you are aware, Department of Energy has completed its first year of Comparative Review for university grants, which affected approximately one-third of the US HEP university groups.  The remaining groups will go through the new precess over the next two years. The move to a comparative review process was recommended by several advisory committees.  The new process utilizes panel reviews and is a substantial departure from prior DOE HEP review procedures.  The first round resulted in substantial changes in funding for several university groups, including new support for a number of junior faculty members and a loss of support for a number university PIs and senior research scientists.

The comparative review has led to considerable discussion within the HEP community.  Since this new review process is likely to have substantial impacts on most US university groups, the DPF Executive Committee has appointed a committee to collect information about the process from both DOE and the community, to report to the community our findings, and perhaps to make recommendations to the DOE with the goal of helping to improve the comparative review process. We submitted the following questions to DOE.

With this web page we are soliciting input from the HEP community. Public comments can be posted on this page, or private comments can be submitted which the committee will keep confidential.  Individuals are also welcome to send personal emails or to speak in person to any of the committee members listed below.

We expect to write a short report which will be sent to DOE and distributed to the DPF membership by the end of the summer.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Marj Corcoran and John Cumalat, co-Chairs
for the DPF Committee on DOE Comparative Reviews

Committee Members:

Marj Corcoran and John Cumalat, co-chairs
Chip Brock
Michael Dine
Paul Grannis
Klaus Honscheid
Jack Ritchie
Kate Scholberg
Stew Smith
Rick van Kooten
Mike Witherell