Results of 2012 DPF Elections

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2012 DPF election as follows:

  • Nicholas Hadley of University of Maryland has been elected Vice-Chair.
  • Howard Haber of UC Santa Cruz has been elected Secretary Treasurer
  • Sally Seidel of University of New Mexico and Bob Bernstein of Fermilab have been elected members of the DPF Executive Committee.

We congratulate them on their selection and look forward to working with them next year.

We’d like to thank the outgoing (Past) Chair of DPF, Patricia McBride for her efforts  on behalf of DPF during the previous four years and outgoing Executive Committee members Kara Hoffman and Kate Scholberg for their enthusiastic participation for the previous three years.

The composition of the 2013 DPF Executive Committee is:

Chair Jonathan Rosner,

Chair-Elect Ian Shipsey,

Vice Chair Nicholas Hadley,

Past Chair Pierre Ramond,

Secretary/Treasurer Howard Haber (2015),

Division Councilor Marjorie Corcoran (2013),

and Executive Committee Members:

Jonathan Feng and Lynne Orr (2013),

Nikos Varelas and Yuri Gershtein (2014),

Sally Seidel and Bob Bernstein (2015)