Your Participation Matters!

Invitation to Three Key Meetings:

 April APS, Snowmass 2013, DPF 2013

Your Participation Matters!



Dear members of high energy physics community:

Three forthcoming key meetings for our community are the American Physical Society April 2013 Meeting in Denver, ,

the summer study in July-August, 2013 (“Snowmass on the Mississippi”), ,

on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and the DPF2013 Meeting in Santa Cruz, August 13-17, .

This note is to encourage you to attend one or more of these, and especially to participate in the preliminary activities leading up to the second.

The DPF has organized sixteen invited sessions at the April Meeting, each consisting of three half-hour review talks, and is well-represented at one of the three plenary sessions.  In addition, DPF has twenty-two contributed parallel sessions. The topics of the DPF sessions cover a wide spectrum of particle physics and astrophysics on the energy, intensity, and cosmic frontiers. The April meeting provides a fine opportunity to communicate to our colleagues in other APS divisions the excitement of our science, that we are at a critical moment in HEP, and that we are working hard to figure out the implications for our future. Please join us in communicating that message! Early registration ends February 22.  Students and seniors register at reduced rates.  The dates of the meeting are April 13-16.

The community is gearing up for the summer study with many preparatory meetings (see “Full Calendar of Pre-Snowmass Meetings” on the Snowmass page).  As the summer study will help to chart the future of high energy physics in the US for the next ten to twenty years, your input will be extremely valuable.  You can do this by joining the efforts of one or more of the working groups described on the Snowmass page, for example by writing to one of the group or subgroup organizers.  We also look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis this summer.  The dates of the meeting are July 29 through August 6.  For all members of the community, and especially those who may not have a chance to attend the Minnesota meeting, there will be summaries of its work during the first two days at Santa Cruz.

Jonathan L. Rosner, Chair
Division of Particles and Fields
American Physical Society