Big Questions


it’s been almost a decade since the Quantum Universe posed nine questions: a challenge to particle physics.

And a great decade it was for particle physics! The existence of the aether (a.k.a. the Higgs field) has been established by observing its excitations. The  mixing angle Theta13 has been measured to be large, enabling further work to precisely test the unitarity of the neutrino mixing matrix. Stunning, unambiguous signs of the new state of matter – Quark-Gluon Plasma – have been established.

What are the questions that you’d like to see answered in the next decade or two?

Start the discussion here, or post your list at the Snowmass 2013 page. These questions will form a focus for our discussions at “Snowmass on the Mississippi,” to be held at the University of Minnesota from July 29 to August 6.

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