2013 APS Fellows

Many congratulations to the 2013 American Physical Society Fellows nominated by the Division of Particles and Fields.   The new Fellows will be honored at the annual DPF Business Meeting on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 6pm during the APS April Meeting in Savannah.  All DPF members are welcome and encouraged to attend.New 2013 APS Fellows nominated by DPF:


Acosta, Darin E.
University of Florida
Citation: For searches for new lepton-quark couplings and compositeness at hadron colliders, and for contributions to the success of the CMS experiment at the LHC through leadership in the areas of detector commissioning, trigger, and coordination of the physics program.

Cheung, Kingman
National Tsing Hua University
Citation: For his influential contributions to collider physics in and beyond the Standard Model, especially the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking.

Dobrescu, Bogdan A.
Citation: For original and influential extensions of the Standard Model involving extra dimensions and new gauge dynamics, and for leadership in bridging the gap between new theoretical ideas and experimental tests.

Flemming, Bonnie T.
Yale University
Citation: In recognition of her leadership in neutrino physics and her role in promoting the liquid argon techniques for neutrino detection.

Jaffe, David E.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For significant contributions to elucidating the flavor structure of the Standard Model through measurements on Kaons, B-mesons and neutrinos, including observation of K+->pi+ nu nu_bar in the low pion momentum region and observation of theta 13 through reactor electron antineutrino disappearance.

Klima, Boaz
Citation: For significant contributions to hadron collider physics community, and leadership, especially in the discovery of the top quark.

Messier, Mark D.
Indiana University
Citation: For study of neutrino mass and mixing from discovery with atmospheric neutrinos by Super-Kamiokande, confirmation and precision measurements using MINOS, and leadership of the NOvA long-baseline experiment to further refine the fundamental nature of neutrino oscillation.

Nair, V. Parameswaran
Citation: For his contributions to theoretical high energy physics, including: the symmetries of gluon amplitudes, gauge theories in three space-time dimensions (especially involving Chern-Simons theories and anyons), non-commutative quantum mechanics, and the Quantum Hall effect in higher dimensions.

Olsen, James D.
Princeton University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the observation of Direct CP Violation in the B meson systems by the BaBar experiment at SLAC, and for his leading role in the first CMS measurement of Higgs decays to b quarks.

Petriello, Frank
Northwestern University
Citation: For pioneering new methods in the application of perturbative quantum chromodynamics to high-energy processes, and for computing high precision, fully exclusive production cross sections for electroweak vector bosons and Higgs bosons at hadron colliders.

Piilonen, Leo E.
Virginia Tech
Citation: For his important experimental contributions in the areas of lepton physics, CP violation, the CKM matrix, and quarkonia; and for his leadership of the Belle and Belle II Collaborations.

Rizzo, Thomas G.
Stanford University
Citation: For developing novel frameworks for new physics, for identifying critical experimental tests of such frameworks, and for working closely with experimentalists to carry out such tests and interpret the results.

Scholberg, Kate
Duke University
Citation: For work with atmospheric and accelerator neutrinos that established the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation, and for leadership in the worldwide effort of the supernova neutrino detection.

Tait, Timothy M.P.
University of California, Irvine
Citation: For seminal contributions to studies of theories beyond the Standard Model and for pioneering work at the interface of particle physics and astrophysics, developing connections between the physics of the colliders and dark matter detection.

Thacker, Harry B.
University of Virginia
Citation: For contributions to the study of nonperturbative quantum field theory and Lattice QCD.

Wells, James D.
University of Michigan
Citation: For his many fundamental contributions to theories of new physics beyond the Standard Model, including the role of electroweak symmetry breaking, Higgs boson physics, and collider searches for supersymmetry and extra dimensions.

Yuan, Chien-Peng
Michigan State University
Citation: For original contributions to the theory of single top-quark production, the development of QCD resummation techniques, the global analysis of parton distribution functions, and their application to hadron collider physics.