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  • fellowspin_3

    2013 APS Fellows

    Many congratulations to the 2013 American Physical Society Fellows nominated by the Division of Particles and Fields.   The new Fellows will be honored at the annual DPF Business Meeting on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 6pm during the APS April Meeting in Savannah.  All DPF...

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  • qu

    Big Questions

    Hello, it’s been almost a decade since the Quantum Universe posed nine questions: a challenge to particle physics. And a great decade it was for particle physics! The existence of the aether (a.k.a. the Higgs field) has been established by observing its excitations. The  mixing...

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  • dpf2013fig2

    DPF-2013 to be held at UC Santa Cruz

    The DPF 2013 divisional meeting will take place August 13-17, hosted by the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics on the campus of the University of California, Santa Cruz. The city of Santa Cruz, situated on picturesque Monterey Bay 30 miles south of the San...

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  • snowmass

    Your Participation Matters!

    Invitation to Three Key Meetings:  April APS, Snowmass 2013, DPF 2013 Your Participation Matters!     Dear members of high energy physics community: Three forthcoming key meetings for our community are the American Physical Society April 2013 Meeting in Denver, , the summer study...

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  • peer_review

    Report of the DPF Committee on DOE Comparative Reviews

    The DPF Committee of DOE Comparative Reviews has issued the final report. Click here to download it. Committee Members: Marj Corcoran and John Cumalat, co-chairs Chip Brock Michael Dine Paul Grannis Klaus Honscheid Jack Ritchie Kate Scholberg Stew Smith Rick van Kooten Mike Witherell  

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  • election_animals

    Results of 2012 DPF Elections

    We are pleased to announce the results of the 2012 DPF election as follows: Nicholas Hadley of University of Maryland has been elected Vice-Chair. Howard Haber of UC Santa Cruz has been elected Secretary Treasurer Sally Seidel of University of New Mexico and Bob Bernstein...

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  • brochure2

    DPF Brochure Available

    Accelerating National Innovation: Particle Physics in the United States The DPF executive committee has partnered with the Fermilab, SLAC and US LHC users’ organizations to produce this brochure aimed at members of the public and policy makers. The brochure touches on the exciting scientific questions...

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  • DPF Committee on DOE Comparative Reviews

    DPF Committee on DOE Comparative Reviews

    Dear Colleagues, As most of you are aware, Department of Energy has completed its first year of Comparative Review for university grants, which affected approximately one-third of the US HEP university groups.  The remaining groups will go through the new precess over the next two...

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  • ykk1

    LBNE Reconfiguartion Report Community Feedback

    Dear colleagues, On behalf of the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) Reconfiguration Steering Committee, I am writing to seek your feedback on the recent effort to reconfigure the LBNE project into stages. Feedback received before July 15h will be included in the final report of...

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  • clic-ilc-feature

    New ICFA Organization For Linear Colliders

    Starting in 2013, the world’s two large linear collider efforts (ILC and CLIC) will be brought under a unified leadership, and the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) will appoint a director to be the overall leader for the linear collider program. The search for...

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