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    DPF Task Force on Instrumentation in High Energy Physics

    Last October , a workshop on Detector R&D was held at Fermilab sponsored by the five DOE Laboratories and the DPF. As the slides show, there is fascinating instrumentation research in our community at both the labs and the universities, but there is also reason...

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  • appomatox-courthouse

    Meetings: Past and Future

    by Patricia McBride Fermilab, DPF chair-elect The Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) sponsored a Detector R&D Workshop from October 7-9, 2010 at Fermilab. The goals of the workshop were to survey the detector research and development at national laboratories and universities, identify the areas...

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  • dpf2011a

    DPF-2011 to be held at Brown University

    The DPF 2011 meeting will be hosted by the Physics Department of Brown University and will take place August 9-13, 2011 in Providence, RI. Settled in 1636, Providence is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Today it is the capital of Rhode...

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  • detector-photo

    Detector R&D Workshop

    Workshop on Detector R&D Marcel Demarteau and Chip Brock Last spring we announced a unique workshop, jointly sponsored by the five DOE labs and the DPF focused on detector R&D in the U.S. This reminder is to bring you up to date and to bring...

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  • crowd

    DPF Meetings

    By Patricia McBride, Fermilab, DPF Chair-Elect (Originally published in January 2010 DPF newsletter) The 2009 DPF Meeting was held last summer at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan from July 16-31, 2009. The DPF 2009 Meeting ( featured many interesting presentations in the parallel and...

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